Street Artist Guest Speaker Series

Discover a World of Beautiful Street Art in Atlanta

Explore Atlanta’s street art with some of Atlanta’s most established street artists. Guests will participate in a bike tour curated and led by the artists themselves, biking to murals across Atlanta while engaging in conversations about their art, what inspires them and our vibrant outdoor art scene.

Please join us in supporting each artists by taking their interactive and exciting tours. Every tour provides the artist an opportunity to grow their community and be rewarded for their contributions to the Atlanta art scene.

The bike routes vary with each artist tour and will cover 5 to 8 miles. All tours are leisurely and suitable for the casual rider in good health. Bikes, helmets, bottled water and snacks are included in ticket price. Gratuity is not included in ticket price and all gratuities collected will be provided to the artist.


Austin Blue

Austin is a self-taught artist who has exhibited for the City of Atlanta and Super Bowl Live, as well as creating original faux art for Atlanta film sets. Join him on a ride through Krog Tunnel and into Historic Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown to see his murals and others from Forward Warrior, an annual event featuring over 40 works of art by local artists. Guests will also learn about The Stacks Squares, a public art initiative that Austin curates for emerging street artists in Atlanta. Learn more about Austin

2.5 hours

Oct. 20th

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Charmaine Minnifield

Charmaine is an artist, educator and curator who uses her work to examine and preserve cultural history in Atlanta. Join her on a tour of murals highlighting and celebrating the history of politics and culture, largely based on and influenced by grassroots Black women activists. The tour will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the New Freedom Project, an organization that uses art as a medium to discuss issues of social justice. Charmaine’s bike tour will explore the Historic Sweet Auburn district and other neighborhoods in the downtown area. Learn more about Charmaine

2.5 hours

Oct. 13th (sold out)

Jan. 5th


Fabian Williams

Get to know Fabian (@occasionalsuperstar) as he takes you through the Old Fourth Ward, Cabbagetown and downtown areas, exploring his brightly colored and thought-provoking murals. His large and small scale works feature prominent civil rights leaders, social justice heroes and perspectives on our shared American History. His art has become his activism, and his vibrantly painted murals address political and socially relevant contemporary themes. Learn more about Fabian

2.5 hours

Nov. 24th


Jessica Caldas

Jessica is an activist and well-established multi-disciplined artist. Her body of work reflects on timely topics that provide a gateway to critical and enlightening conversations about contemporary cultural topics. Jessica will highlight her art as well as other works of art on this bike tour. Guests will learn how these art installations relate to the community and landmarks around them. Jessica will explore how works of art can reflect the history of a city during new development and how political statements are expressed in art within a community. Jessica’s work can also be found on exhibit at the High Museum of Art. Learn more about Jessica

2.5 hours

Nov. 16th


Joe Dreher

Joe, a successful architect, accepted an invitation to paint an outdoor mural in 2015. This experience changed his life and opened his eyes to how street art connected people in profound ways. Since then, he has honed his skills in many artistic disciplines, thus allowing him to pursue projects with a mission to uplift individuals and bring communities together. Learn more about Joe

2.5 hours

Coming soon


keif schleifer

Keif, designer, sculptor and illustrator, works with fellow artists from around the world on public murals, sculptures and installations. She’s known for executing unusual, technical, large-scale projects. Keif lectures on public art/street art, the built environment and public spaces. Keif’s tour covers 180 years of art from Atlanta’s early funerary sculpture to its contemporary murals, showing how various art forms are represented throughout the city’s history and built environment. Gain an understanding of the context and conflicts that ground this art and how it shapes Atlanta today.

2.5 hours

Coming soon


Muhammad Yungai

Muhammad, a self-taught artist, launched his career while raising a young family. His vibrant and uplifting works includes a prolific collection of murals in city schools, Morehouse college and downtown Atlanta. His works of art celebrate heritage, tradition, community and academic empowerment. Join Muhammad on a tour that includes, not only his murals in the Historic Fairlie Poplar and Castleberry Hill Art Districts but murals by other artists that have provided him inspiration along the way. Learn more about Muhammad

2.5 hours

Oct. 12th (sold out)

Nov. 9th (sold out)


Victoria Lemos

Victoria has been leading tours for the Atlanta Preservation Center and Bicycle Tours of Atlanta since 2015. She joins this creative ensemble as a seasoned storyteller and host of her very own weekly podcast, Archive Atlanta. In one short year, her podcast has garnered the attention of preservation and historic organizations throughout the city and state. Join Victoria on this tour that explores stories of the people, places and events highlighted in the Archive Atlanta episodes. Learn more about Archive Atlanta

3 hours

Oct. 19th
Nov. 23rd


SKIE  (Pronounced Sky)

SKIE is a graffiti artist who has been earning his street cred in Atlanta since 2006. Well-respected by his peers, he is a meticulous artist with a dedication to the roots of this artform first seen in 1967 on the streets of Philadelphia before becoming a legitimate art form in the 1980’s. SKIE will share stories about the history of graffiti, its evolution, styles and techniques, protocol and respect from within this community. Guests will gain a better appreciation for this artform and understand its place in the Atlanta street art scene. Learn more about Skie

2.5 hours

Nov. 17th


William Massey

William is an artist, sculptor and social entrepreneur. Since moving here in 2013, he has gradually evolved into a force of creative connection in Atlanta – utilizing the power of art to unify communities and pursue social reconciliation. His bike tour explores Reynoldstown, one of the first neighborhoods founded by freed slaves in Atlanta after the Civil War. William created chronological sculptures depicting the various seasons of the neighborhood’s story. Massey’s installations reflect twists and turns of the cultural heritage which could easily be lost in a gentrifying neighborhood. Learn more about William

2.5 hours

Coming soon


Yehimi Cambrón

Yehimi is an artist, activist, former high school art teacher and DACAmented immigrant with a powerful message. Her bike tour will share social justice themed murals while telling moving stories of individuals and their American experience as immigrants. Her art has been included in major mural projects across Atlanta, the metro region and neighboring states.  Selections of her work are on exhibit at the High Museum of Art, called “Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn from Atlanta.”  Learn more about Yehimi

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