Thanks to Haute Bicycles of Decatur, guests who might otherwise miss out on the pure joy of exploring this great city by bike, can now ride electric bicycles and “keep up” with ease!

Although our tours are leisurely with minimal climbs, we understand the idea of riding a bike might be intimidating to some. Perhaps you’re recovering from surgery or have a condition that warrant a low energy outing with less wear and tear on the body. Or perhaps you’re very active but would like to try an electric bike as an environmentally friendly and fun option for commuting to work or around town.  Any of these is a great reason to choose an electric bike while experiencing one of our tours.

It is true that you never forget how to ride a bike, and as long as you already have good bike riding skills, learning how to maneuver an electric bicycle is easy. You’ll need to arrive an additional 15 minutes early to be fitted and given a quick lesson before your tour begins.

Renting the electric bicycle for your bike tour:

The cost to add an electric bike to your tour experience is $29. If you would like to add an electric bike to your tour, please give us a call at 404-273-2558.

About Haute Bicycles

Leigh Garnder and Lisa Sheldon have been sharing the joys of electric bicycle riding with their clients from all over the Southeast since opening their shop in Decatur, Georgia in 2014. People literally travel from outside the state to seek their advice and expertise when it comes to choosing the perfect electric bicycle.

We were thrilled at Bicycle Tours of Atlanta when they reached out to us to make electric bikes available to our guests.  If you are considering the amazing lifestyle that an electric bicycle can bring, please be sure to pay them a visit on the eastern border of Decatur just before entering Avondale Estates.  And be sure to say hello to Scruffy when you stop by. Scruffy is pretty amazing too!

Watch Lisa Sheldon of Haute Bikes show off an electric bike in this video.