Is a guided bike tour for me?

Our tours are for healthy people who enjoy the outdoors, are comfortable riding a bike and want to learn about Atlanta in a fun and active way. We also have electric bikes available for an additional fee if you need an extra boost on your tour.

Is it safe to ride on Atlanta city streets?

Absolutely… when you know the personality of our Atlanta traffic. And we do. We provide a “safe riding orientation” before the tour, so we are all speaking the same language as we ride along bike paths, quiet neighborhoods and city streets. Atlanta is fast becoming recognized as a Bicycle Friendly City with designated bike lanes and official “full use of the roadway” signs for bikes. Many of our guests have reviewed noting how safe they felt with us.

Do I need to purchase a ticket in advance?

We highly recommend you secure your ticket days (or weeks) before your desired tour event. Our tours typically sell out and pre-booking allows us to staff the tours appropriately. Walk-ups are welcome, but we can not guarantee there will be room on the tour without pre-booking. You may book online or by phone with a Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

I made a reservation through Zerve and am now having trouble with my tickets. What should I do?

Zerve is no longer our online booking provider, but we have documenation of all of those transactions. Please call us at 404-273-2558 and we will confirm your purchase and get you set up for a tour.

What time should I arrive?

The indicated Event Time is the correct time to show up. No need to show up before the event time. When guests arrive they will be fitted with helmets and bicycles. Next, we give everyone a few minutes to test ride their bikes, and then we go over group riding skills before we hit the road. This preparation is part of the event and it’s important that guests arrive no later than the EVENT TIME.

What should I wear?

Our tours are leisurely, so no need to wear cycling clothing (kits), unless that is just your preference. Some people wear padded biking shorts, but that is not necessary. Loose fitting jeans, khakis and other casual wear will work – but active or athletic clothing is your best bet for comfort. ALSO, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CLOSED-TOED SHOES FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Should I wear closed-toed shoes?

YES! Please wear closed-toed shoes for your safety!

Will there be a bathroom break?

On our 3 hour tours, we always stop at the restroom about 2 hours in to the event. We do not have an official bathroom break during our 2 hour tours. However, we have places along all of our routes for any emergency stop required. We have a modern and clean bathroom at our location to use before we leave.

Can I leave valuables at your location?

Yes. We have a secure shop we lock before we leave for the tour.

How long do the tours last?

Our tours last anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 hours. However, the pace is always leisurely with multiple stops along the way.

Do we stop to eat on the tours?

We share a trail mix snack with our guests during the tour when we stop for a break. Typically, it’s a dried fruit and nut trail mix. If a guest needs the snack before our official stop, we are happy to share early! You are welcome to bring your own snack if you have common food allergies.

What if the weather is bad?

We may cancel a tour due to undesirable weather conditions. However, bad weather conditions must impact the scheduled route for BTA to cancel a tour. If rain is threatening a tour, we examine the radar for our route and duration and determine if it will be unsafe for our tour to roll. We will still roll if there is a chance of a “pop-up” shower or light drizzle in the forecast. In the event of a pop-up shower, we seek shelter and will resume the tour once the shower has passed. In the event BTA determines it is unsafe to roll, a full refund will be provided.

How tall do I have to be to do a bike tour?

Guests need to be at least 4’8″ to be comfortable and safe on our bicycles. We use adult bikes to ensure that all guests are using comparable equipment.

Is there a skill requirement to go on a bike tour?

We require that all guests are comfortable riding a bike and know how to OPERATE HAND BRAKES. It’s also best if guests know how to operate geared bikes, however we do provide coaching with the gears as the tour progresses. However, knowing how to operate hand brakes is mandatory.

Is there an age requirement to do a bike tour?

Younger guests need to be skilled bike riders and a parent or guardian must accompany a youngster 14 years or younger. If your child is as young as 9 and as tall as 4’8″ and is a highly skilled bike rider, they are welcome on our tours. We recommend you call us directly to asses if your child will be safe on our tours since we do ride on city streets alongside traffic.

Can I bring my own bicycle?

We pride ourselves in providing our guests with high-quality, well-maintained commuter bicycles. We also make sure that if we encounter a flat tire during a tour, we can change it inside of 7 minutes. If you would like to bring your own bike, you may, as long as you can change a flat inside of 7 minutes and you bring any and all equipment you may need to repair any mechanical problem that might arise during the event. There is no discount provided for bringing your own bike.

What is the maximum number of people on a tour?

Our public tours generally range from 10-16 people. Our private or corporate events can reach up to 50 guests. Typically, we would split a group in to two parties once we have 20 guests for an event.

Will a child or teen with attention challenges be safe on a bike tour?

We do not recommend our public tours for any guests who have attention issues. However, we would be happy to plan a customized outing to ensure the route and event will be safe for your family members.

How can I get copies of any pictures taken by BTA staff on the tour?

We love posting photos on our Facebook page and we invite you to “LIKE” us and download photos from our facebook page. We are also happy to take as many photos with your camera as you like on our tours. Just hand us the camera, we know what to do next!

Can I go on this bike tour if I am elderly or not an athlete?

If you are Healthy and Active, you should be able to complete the tour. “Elderly” is a relative term. We have had seniors on our tours as old as 78 and they have out cycled many of our 20 year old guests. Often we have altered the route for our “slower” guests and can escort guests to an attraction we will be visiting later if it becomes too challenging to bike the entire route — that way, they will still be able to start and finish with the group. Ideally, we want all our guests to be able to do the entire route, but we often make accommodations for our guests when it’s in their best interest. We also have electric bikes available for an additional fee if you need an extra boost on your tour.

Is there a place to park and is it free?

You may be able to find free parking on Auburn Avenue or one of the surrounding streets. Valet parking is available at our location for $2 an hour. Our guests should anticipate needing approximately 4 hours of parking time ($8). Drivers will meet you upon your arrival to the Studioplex Lofts. Enter the 2-story courtyard and follow the signs to our location.

Can I take my video camera on the tour?

Only if you promise to send us the video!

What if I live in Atlanta or the Metro region? Will I find the tour interesting and entertaining?

You Betcha! Folks who live in the area seem to be the most surprised at how much fun the tours can be! They learn so much about Atlanta’s history and culture and see many areas they have never ventured to on their own! We’ve never had a “local” disappointed in our tours!

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, pets are not allowed on tours unless they can ride quietly and comfortably in a backpack specifically designed for that purpose. We cannot provide any special accommodations along the tour for animals.

Do you offer custom private tours for groups and/or individuals?

We sure do! We can arrange events for birthday celebrations, team building, family reunions… you name it! A private custom tour can consists of one guest or have as many as 50! Please click on “Contact BikeAtlanta” to the left of the page and we’ll get back to you right away to plan a great event!

Are gift certificates available?

Absolutely. There is no better gift for a new student or new resident in the Atlanta area. It is a great way to help them become more acclimated to the city. Gift certificates are also great birthday, thank you, and anniversary gifts. To purchase a gift certificate, click here!

Do you plan Corporate and Team Building Events?

Absolutely! Please click on “Contact BikeAtlanta” to the left of the page, let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll get started planning an event that will make you look like a SUPERSTAR!