Mushrooms and More Bike Tour

Meet the Trees and Mushrooms of Atlanta’s Beautiful Parks

Join experienced forager and local guide Josh Wayne MSW, MPH, for the Mushrooms and More Bike Tour. On this leisurely 2.5-hour, 7-mile adventure, you’ll see why this beautiful, lush city is a top choice for mushroom foragers in the US. From delicious choice edible mushrooms to medicinal Turkey Tail and Reishi, we have a diversity of mushrooms growing beside our beautiful bike trails. Join us as we bike through Atlanta’s oldest parks and learn about the ‘basics’ of foraging and the bounty of food that this city can provide.

About your Guide: Josh refers to himself as a Naturalist and Generalist. He combines his 13 years of foraging experience with his formal education at UGA. By understanding the scientific method, he can research and evaluate medicinal claims and shares some of the research on Atlanta’s edible and medicinal mushrooms. He will also share important information on how to forage safely, legally, and sustainably in Atlanta and beyond.

This is a unique and exciting experience that you can only have on two wheels! Come experience why we are consistently awarded 5-Stars by Trip Advisor reviewers!

Please note: This is an opportunity to learn about foraging and will give guests useful information to forage on their own in the future.

$70 per person on a traditional bike.

$95 per person on an Electric bike.

Please inquire about private and corporate event pricing.