Troy LynchJoined Team in 2015

    “I like how our tours can provide a supportive environment for exploring difficult topics.”

    Many people want to leave a legacy. Troy already has. That’s because, as a hip-hop lyricist known as Luke Legacy (whose music is available on most streaming services), he works to change negative perspectives and show the origins of hip-hop through community outreach, diversifying corporate performances, and creative place-making as a member of Soul Food Cypher, an Atlanta-based nonprofit. Originally from Elmont, NY and then Metro Atlanta as a teen (where he built his first recording studio at age 18), he got involved with both the nonprofit and working with kids in after-school programs when he moved from the suburbs to the city in 2012.

    That’s also when Troy went car-free. He built a bike with the help of the SOPO Bike Cooperative, and started going on group rides and leading his own. Robyn came on his Black History Month tour in 2015, and they have partnered every year since then on a ride to raise money for the P-Man Foundation, a nonprofit which honors a friend of Troy’s who died and which champions physical activities in sober communities. Troy then started leading tours with BTA, and considers the company part of everything he does now. 

    Troy particularly loves how Robyn and BTA are committed to pushing things forward with bikes as a conduit to conversation, as exemplified by the series of custom tours Porsche North America recently commissioned and made available for all its employees to underscore its equity initiatives and provide a supportive environment for exploring difficult topics. An artist by nature, Troy likes to connect with people and wears his heart right where you can see it. In fact, you can actually buy it from his company, Decide. His t-shirt showing a heart followed by a period (read as Love Period) proved so popular when he wore it to a Black Lives Matter protest that it’s now for sale at a shop on the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail!