Tanner ByleJoined Team in 2020

    “It’s my job to make sure no cars hit us. And if they do, they would hit me — and as a professional stuntman, I would make it look spectacular!”

    Growing up on ten acres at the base of a mountain in Montana, Tanner saw two common options for his future — construction or the military, and he was interested in neither of them. Luckily, his uncle owned a gymnastics studio, and Tanner, always athletic, excelled there. Additionally, his participation in high school theater quickly revealed that he was bad at acting, but very good at stunts. Hence, after teaching gymnastics and martial arts, Tanner pursued a career as a stuntman, which brought him to Atlanta, the current epicenter of moviemaking. Tanner has had numerous experiences in the industry here, and additionally works at an after-school program, which is where he met Troy. 

    Troy gave Tanner an old bike and started showing him how to get around Atlanta with it as his transportation. Before long, Tanner joined BTA as a sweep on our tours. He loves seeing guests’ varied reactions to the sites on the tours, and is equally comfortable with small and large groups. His physicality makes him a natural for the job, and he’s the only tour guide who has ever done a back flip off the murals by the Krog Street Tunnel! You can rest assured that you are in good hands with Tanner on your tour. As he likes to say during his introduction, “It’s my job to make sure no cars hit us. And if they do, they would hit me, and I would make it look spectacular!”   

    The pandemic hit the Atlanta movie business hard, but Tanner embraced it with his usual flexible demeanor. He rode his bike for training; did wire and stage fight training; climbed all the trees in his yard; and built and tended a garden. In short, he’s ready for his close-up.