Cory ThompsonJoined Team in 2021

    “I am in love with Atlanta’s culture, art, and leadership on social issues — and I appreciate that each of our tours has its own distinct personality.”

    Think you’ve heard that voice before when you hear Cory lead a tour? There’s a good chance you have. Cory spent three decades across the USA as a broadcast journalist and news anchor, most recently at Fox 5 Atlanta (snagging an Emmy along the way). Maybe you were even taught by Cory at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. How did a boy from Des Moines end up with this illustrious career? Cory says it all started when he saw national and international media descend upon his city every four years to cover the political caucuses, which inspired him to major in radio and television communications in college — and the rest, as they say, is history. 

    Now Executive Director of both Institutional Advancement and the Foundation at Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Cory crossed paths with Robyn socially many years ago, came on tours, and frequently gave BTA gift certificates to friends and colleagues. Living near the Chattahoochee River and other trails conducive to riding bikes, Cory bought a new bike not long ago and logged his most miles ever during the first year of the pandemic. It was inevitable he would eventually join the BTA team.

    Cory loves that each tour has its own unique personality, and he, himself, is truly in love with Atlanta (which is the place he’s lived longest in his life) due to its culture, art, leadership on social issues, and more. Through his innate ability to entertain while informing, perfected during all those years on air, Cory strives to make each guest’s experience memorable.