Victoria LemosJoined Team in 2016

    “I love learning — and telling — the fascinating and quirky stories that are not the prominent narratives.”

    Growing up in New York’s Hudson Valley, Victoria often visited George Washington’s headquarters, West Point Academy, and other historically-rich locations. However, with parents from Spain, she understood what it felt like to be “othered” in the USA and loved hearing the stories that were not the prominent narratives. After moving to Atlanta, she started taking walking tours to immerse herself in the extensive history of her new home. Before long, she was leading tours on Auburn Avenue with the Atlanta Preservation Center. When Robyn discovered Victoria was a guest on her “Fire in the Fourth” bike tour, she persuaded her to join the team. Victoria had only ridden a bike a few times since she was a child and was surprised and delighted how fun and safe it felt to do so on BTA’s routes. 

    Victoria’s passion for history — and the quirky, fascinating untold stories — continues to run deep. In fact, she created a podcast named Archive Atlanta that now boasts well over a hundred episodes and has proven to be wildly popular. As a result of the podcast, Victorias has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, invited into historic homes, asked to read manuscripts filled with unpublished historic insight, and collaborate on innovative arts projects. She brings all of this immersive experience to her BTA tours. 

    This is all in addition to her job as a commercial property manager, which is no surprise. Buildings are a particular passion of Victoria’s, which has been a thread throughout her life. She originally wanted to be a fashion designer and even attended New York City’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology for a year and a half. During that time, she was a personal assistant for an art dealer and spent hours exploring the city’s old buildings. Perhaps that’s when she started fashioning a different life direction.