Tim CordierJoined Team in 2013

    “I am always right here, right now when you are on a tour, and I have your immediate enjoyment and safety needs in mind.”

    You’re in the hands of a professional storyteller and educator with Tim as your guide. He created and hosted live theater talk shows (which included The Honorable Congressman John Lewis as a guest), currently serves as a standardized patient who trains student nurses and Physicians Assistants all over the USA, and even brought eight years of tour guide experience in the popular tourist destination of historic St. Augustine with him when he moved to Atlanta. What’s more, he lives and breathes a philosophy of being “right here, right now” so you can be assured he always has your immediate tour enjoyment and safety needs in mind. 

    Robyn noticed Tim commuting to work regularly by bike way back in 2012 and thought he’d be a good tour guide (not even knowing yet his professional storytelling history). Tim continually commits to seeing the tours through his guests eyes, knowing that many of them are experiencing  them for the first time. He believes humor connects people and can help make a wide range of topics more accessible and sees himself as a bit of a court jester here to entertain while sharing knowledge.

    Tim finds the Inman Park stops on the tour particularly engaging and complex and he says he continues to learn more about them, even after all these years. A lifelong learner in other ways, Tim studies and writes haiku and is working on a blog that combines photography with his poems. He also tends to the land at a meditation center, which makes him the third generation in his family that has served its spiritual community that way. If you are wondering how Tim juggles all this, give him three balls and he’ll show you!