Pattie BakerHonorary Team Member Since 2017

    Pattie Baker has been exploring the city of Atlanta by bike since 2013—ever since her first ride on the newly-opened Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail. She made every day she rode a day of discovery and adventure. While she was talking to strangers, taking photos, and researching every aspect of our ever-changing city, there were stories coming to life in her head. At the end of her day, she would write about what she uncovered on her blog, During this time, we were doing our best to “court” this interesting woman (who is also a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor) to become a tour guide with BTA. In 2018, our wish came true and she joined our team. Originally from New York, she is a married mother of two grown daughters and has lived and worked in metro Atlanta for almost thirty years. Her favorite thing about Atlanta is the art. And if you get to meet Pattie while on one of our tours, you’ll know why we are thanking our lucky stars to have her on the BTA team!